Our Mandate

A training and research centre under the auspices of JCAM be established at Hekima University College in Nairobi to coordinate teaching and research activities in Anglophone and Francophone Africa (the latter through L’Institut de Théologie de la Compagnie de Jésus [ITCJ.], with the following mandate:

A) Conduct and publish contextually relevant and culturally sensitive evidence-based research, to inform relevant policies on child protection and safeguarding in church and society.

B) Provide quality training for the wider church, Jesuits and lay collaborators in mission to create healthy and safe environments by raising awareness on the seriousness of issues and increasing knowledge of policies and guidelines; case management; and training and formation to create a consistent culture of protection.

This is building on the 2-credit academic course in Child Protection is offered every semester. Similarly, the “Ubuntu Child Safeguarding and Protection Program” at L’Institut de Théologie de la Compagnie de Jésus (ITCJ), in Abidjan, runs an academic course, specialised seminars, external training programmes for religious and lay persons and psychosocial support to survivors of abuse.