About Community of Practice (CoP)

The Community of Practice for the African Church is a platform whose goal is to generate robust support and leadership by the Church in upholding the values of sanctity of human life and dignity for children and vulnerable adults in Africa.
The Vision is to create and sustain a knowledge-sharing platform for the purposes of promoting best practices, generating new learning, producing resources, and advancing thought leadership, advocacy and collective action on safeguarding children and vulnerable adults in the Catholic Church in Africa.
Specific objectives and purposes of the CoP, will be achieved through three core areas of work namely:
1.Developing a resource hub for
• sharing learning and experiences
• sharing documents and tools
• investing in capacity building for members around Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) to support collective data collection relative to the Church’s work on child protection/safeguarding in the region.
2. Creating a space of cultural and theological reflection and the development of an African Church narrative on child protection/safeguarding.
3.Finding opportunities for collective action and advocacy as necessary.